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Ember of Hope

As I searched for the hope within these ashes, I couldn’t have guessed you’d be the ember that remained to light the night,and that all the moments where hope was farheld tomorrows I wouldn’t have believed. Nothing takes away the sorrow of the injustices I’ve seen,but in watching you experience the world,with eyes wide open, somewhat naively,I can Continue Reading

Carl is the worst

Sometimes “I’ll be there” is just hitting playon the same Netflix show at the same time,states apart.After the kids are in bed, while the toys are still strewn aboutand there is so much work to be doneSometimes sitting with your feelingsIs texting “CARL is the worst”And “OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING”back and forth because this is what gets you to Continue Reading

What are they saying

What are they saying in the rooms you aren’t in?The rooms you may not enter, according to them.The spaces where they freely say what they think about youWhere they crack their jokes, and giggle like foolsWhere they craft their public statements, and plan their careless responsesWhere they choose to bask in the laughterAnd let it drown out their Continue Reading

The Tree

I thought the tree was beautiful,Covered in red and yellow, hints of goldAnd I knew the tree to be as strong as it was tallAnd the seasons changed and the leaves with themEverything looked different once winter hitThe tree was bare, and a storm rolled inThe once beautiful tree swayed nervously in the wind But when Continue Reading

You Needed

You heard her story But needed every detail before you’d believeNeeded her to lay herself bareRequired her to tell it a certain wayAnd do the work to make you care You simply cannot fathom that You could believe her storyWithout knowing every single detailAnd even then, with it all on the floorYou’ll tell her how she’s failedDidn’t Continue Reading


“God is good”, the preacher proclaims “All the time”, comes the congregants refrain They say their amens, and gather their things Off to see what another week brings Armed with the gospel, they carry the good news “A revival is coming…can’t you sense the spirit move?” “Hearts, they’re turning back to him!” (Please ignore our Continue Reading

On Chaos

I find it offensiveThat the world can changewith such little warning, A bit of joy, a bit of pain That life doesn’t ask Before it takes, before it givesThat I don’t get to offerOr rescind my permission But let me be one who gives when life takesWho helps to mendWhen the world seems to breakOne who builds up in the Continue Reading