Packing Is Half the Fun

I’ve become a nerd about packing. For the last couple of years I’ve tried to avoid checking bags, because I hate waiting for luggage at the end of the trip. Also, I really don’t take extremely long trips, so I can typically carry everything on. Taking it a step further, unless I’m traveling for work (which means I have to take camera equipment) I try and put everything in my carry-on backpack from e-bags. I was hesitant to spend this much on a backpack, but I think it will be worth it in the long run, and I was able to use a coupon to get it to less than $100.

I love using a backpack carry on for 3 reasons:

  1. With the assistance of packing cubes, most things fit fine! I also pack a compact bag in my carryon that I can use once I get to my destination. 
  2. Using a backpack makes you MUCH less likely to have your carry-on gate checked. When they call out over the intercom that roller bags are going to be checked, I don’t have to stress. 
  3. If there are major flight delays, you can easily switch flights since your checked bags don’t have to be tracked down. On a recent flight I was able to switch a flight out of Norfolk to land at JFK instead of LGA because I didn’t have checked bags. I was in my hotel in NYC before the original flight ever took off.

Typically I lay out everything I want to take on a particular trip, then minimize after realizing I don’t need a lot of it- then I pack it all in this bag! If I ever find myself needing more space I could also bring a small bag as well.

I also use a laptop sleeve case that holds my laptop, headphones, phone, any meds, and any entertainment devices I might want on a flight. I remove this from the carryon before we board and it either goes goes in the pocket of the seat in front of me, or underneath the seat if need be.

With the carryon backpack and a small bag you could easily pack most items for your trip! I just don’t like keeping up with things, and if I have too much to keep track of I’m constantly worried I’ve forgotten something. It’s really a matter of preference.